10 advantages of Yoga

1. Improve flexible

This is the first advantage of Yoga. At first yoga lesson, you cannot touch your hands to feet, however after some lessons you can do this. As research, people who practice yoga 8 weeks, they will improve flexibility 35 %. The stinging will be gradually disappeared

10 loi ich khi tap yoga tai the oasis


2. Prevent problems articular cartilage

When you practice Yoga, your articular will be moved entirely. This prevent arthritis, osteoarthritis or the problems caused by pinched joints unused for a long time.


3. Hypoglycemia

For diabetic, when practice Yoga the cortisol and adrenaline hormone will be decrease, blood sugar levels will go down, that means the risk of diabetes complications such as heart attacks, kidney failure and blindness will be decreased.


4. Cardiovascular 

The research showed that the advantages of yoga with long-term practitioners also reduce resting heart rate, increased stamina and improved maximum uptake of oxygen during exercise


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5. Healthy bone


10 loi ich cua yoga tai the oasis hinh 04

Practice Yoga requires you to fight hand to the floor, which enhances the strength of the humerus. A research at the University of California, USA showed that practice Yoga regularly will enhance bone density in the spine and reduce cortisol hormone which keeps calcium in the bones.


6. Increase cardiac output

When practice relaxation exercises, blood circulation better, especially in the hands and feet. In addition, Yoga also helps oxygen come to cells better. The handstand pose support blood from the legs to heart. The lungs to be full oxygen and put up brain


7. Relaxation and sleep deeply 

When practicing yoga , facial muscles, eyes and larger muscles of the body will be relaxed. Deep breathing and meditation reduce the hustle of life and sleep deeply.


8. Blood pressure

As research in two people with high blood pressure, is published in the medical journal The Lancet in the UK, showed that after only 3 months , the effect of stretching exercises on the floor reduce systolic blood pressure 26 points and decreased diastolic blood pressure 15 points


9. More happy

10 loi ich cua yoga tai the oasis hinh 05

Research has demonstrated the advantages of yoga if practice regularly. It will increase serotonin and reduce cortisol hormone it makes you feel happier. Therefore , when you feel sadness, you just sit in the lotus position , keep your back straight , comfortable , close your eyes , breathe deeply to improve your mood.



Incorrectly posture of daily working can make you hump, neck strain and fatigue. Moreover, the intervertebral disc of the spine can be compressed or pinched, it is affecting nerves. If you practice yoga with movements such as bending, bend back, turn around ... your spine will be supple, straight and balance, which helps you to protect the spine and improve correct posture.

Source Tiep Thi Gia Dinh

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