1. Good location

- Distance from The Oasis to HCMC is 25 min

- Distance from The Oasis to Aeon Mall Binh Duong is 5 min

- Located in Thuan An, Binh Duong (  Visip 1 ) 





2. The Oasis offers a resort styled – living in multi-cultural 

The Oasis villas with more than 600 residents from over 17 nations around the word who are living at. 


3. Good living environment

- Resort Style of Living -> Clean, Security, good facilities (Swimming pool, Gym, Playground).

- The land price is increasing because infrastructure and facilities around are arising and completing, people is moving to Binh Duong.

- Creative design, combine between western style and traditional style to create unique design in area.

Swimming Pool at The Oasis II 

Gym Club at The Oasis II 

4. Modern design 

Design modern style, with multiple windows open. Space used to be suitable design to the characteristics of the whole Oasis area, and convenient to the business, or living .

The Oasis was built with many villas and town house. The Oasis was located in Viet Sing residential with green environment, safe security system, swimming pool and playground.



5. High profitability

- Currently the house is for rent in The Oasis with a minimum price of  VND 18 million / month.



Sai Gon North International Joint Stock Co. (SNI)

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